Relaxation area, private enclosure, expression of nature.

In the distance, the eyes are on the greenhouse, which looks like a small house. It is the heart of the garden, source of fertility. Roses, Indian carnations, petunias, dahlias, verbena were created in this nursery under the attentive eyes of the owner of the premises.

The orangery is located near the petanque ground. A place of pleasure, it is there to attract visitors. The swing suspended from the portico adjoins the slide, the children come running from home, they like to swing and slide.

Not far from there, at the foot of the butcher’s tree, fruit trees are organized. The apricot trees border with apple trees, pear trees, vines and peach trees. They exude a sweet and enchanting desire for private tastings.

Further down in the park, a circle of slender trees gives the space a grove-like look. A small group of trees planted for enjoyment. Then, along the property wall, you cross a small bridge over the river: La Provence.

So in summer the fruits arrive one after the other: raspberries, apricots, apples, pears, blackberries, corners.


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