The large lounge offers, by its dimensions and furnishings, an atmosphere that is both refined and warm.

Description of the ground floor. From the courtyard go through the front steps and the front door, you are in the house, three options:

  • on the right are the reception rooms,
  • in front the big staircase
  • on the left the relaxation area

The relaxation area on the left as you enter starts with a desk equipped with two modern sofas and a coffee table. Then a large room with a large rustic fireplace (two large jambs and a large fireplace: typical 18th century country fireplace).

At the base of this room is a direct access to the park and the WC access to the ground floor.

Back to the front door: The grand staircase leads to the bedrooms.

Let’s continue in the Grand Salon, a large room with a fireplace. You will be able to bring together all the people you have invited.

Then, a dining room for 16 people. A large table with extensions and a smaller table. A large buffet with mealware.

The dining room connects naturally with the kitchen. The kitchen is modern, functional and equipped with everything you need for a large family. Refrigerator/freezer, multiple accessory drawers (various dishes, pots, pans, kitchen utensils, robots), robots, coffee makers, hob, double sink, dishwasher, built-in microwave oven, built-in rotary heat oven. A serving table along the wall. A door leading directly into the courtyard to unload supplies. Bottle bin for recycling. The two bins are next to the property’s entrance gate (waste and recycling, description on the refrigerator door).

All these descriptions are visible by the photos we have selected for the DRC section “LARGE SALONS AND A EQUIPED KITCHEN”.


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